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Avoid queues, crowds and over-priced tourist traps with our off the beaten track guide to the French capital. Go ! 


You can drop your luggages in a locker, check all the storage spots. Go get food and drinks (there are many other sweet things than baguette and wine). Shops are open 9am – 7pm.


Public transport is good in Paris. From 6am to midnight. Maps and tickets are available in almost every station or even inside buses. Tickets are ~2 €. Read How to use the subway.

Walking is fine: every destination is reachable by foot and your itinerary is beautiful.


Find the greatest spots on the map !

Check our trip planner or read our visitors reviews to find the best things to do in Paris !

Follow our custom itineraries. Or read stats about the backpacker’s choice.

Pick one must-see (or 2) for each day in Paris, but improvise the rest of the day.


The legends: snails and frog legs, yummy.

Worth a try: Croissant, Baguette, Wine*, Macarons,

* about the wine: try to avoid the cheapest, those ith a medal or with famous names can be good.

Munching on a fresh baguette with world-class French cheese and jambon (ham) while strolling along the boulevard or sharing a park bench costs just a fraction of the price of a sit-down lunch, and may very well end up being the meal you never forget.


Drinking in bar or club is more expensive than other cities in Europe. A pint of beer in random bar is ~8 €. You must be over 18 to buy alcoohol. Check out the food and drinks spots !


Hot to find the best place to sleep ?


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