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Paris Emergency Numbers

The following numbers can all be dialed toll-free from any phone in France (including payphones):

  • Police: Dial “17”
  • Fire brigade: Dial “18”
  • Medical Emergencies (SAMU /ambulance): Dial “15” and/or “18”
  • Poison treatment center: 01 40 05 48 48
  • SOS Médecins (doctors): 01 47 07 77 77
  • SOS Dentaire (dentists): 01 43 37 51 00
  • SOS burns (Hôpital Cochin): 01 58 41 41 41

Paris Pharmacies

There are thousands of pharmacies in Paris and their staff is trained to attend to a variety of minor medical needs. They can be easily recognized by their flashing green crosses. Many Parisian pharmacists speak English and can provide you with over-the-counter medications such as pain relievers or cough syrup. Paris does not have North-American style drugstores, so you’ll need to head to a pharmacy for most over-the-counter medications.

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SOS Médecins

If you have a medical issue, you can call SOS Médecins. They will come to your hotel or apartment 24 hours a day. To reach them, day or night, call 3624. You will need to tell them which départment you are in. Paris is 75.

SOS Médecins is composed of doctors who are on-call, and the price is around €50-70 for the visit. You will have to pay in cash or by check (in euros) at the time of the visit. The doctors are French but when you call, you can ask if they have an English-speaking doctor. It’s not guaranteed, but many French doctors do speak varying degrees of English.

Embassy Numbers and Contact Details

When traveling to Paris, it’s always a good idea to have your country’s embassy contact details on hand, should you run into any problems, need to replace a lost or stolen passport, or encounter other emergency situations. Consult our complete guide to embassies in Paris to find those details.